In Memory

Teresa Frankenberger (Gurney)

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07/19/08 11:18 AM #1    

Suzanne Dodge (Long)

Teresa and I met in 7th grade and quickly became the best of friends. We grew up together during junior and senior high, sharing all our experiences along the way: vacations down the Ocean, school dances, boyfriends and heartaches, jobs, parties, driving. Though our lives took different courses after graduation, we remained close. She stood with me at my wedding in 1985 and I with her in 1986. She held my newborn daughter in 1989 and I held her newborn son in 1990. And so our lives went on until the day Teresa called and said, “How do you tell your best friend you have cancer?” But she was a fighter and went through so much and she beat it! We met for dinner for my 30th birthday and she spoke about having a second chance and wanting to do more of what made her happiest. We left the restaurant in separate cars and stopped side by side at a red light on Belair Road. Teresa rolled down her window and said, “Have you heard this song?” She cranked it up. It was Alabama singing Give Me One More Shot. She said, “I love this song!” and beeped as she drove away. The next time I saw her, just three months later, she was in the hospital fighting for her life. I wish I had been there for her more. I wish I had the right words to comfort her. She died just days shy of her 31st birthday. I miss you my dear friend.

"So give me one more shot I'll give it all I've got
Let me open my eyes to a new sunrise I pray
Give me one more chance I'll learn to dance the dance
Well I'm satisfied just being alive give me one more day"

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